Drying Hanger

Remote Ceiling Hanger We have a wide range of cloth hanger in different materials. Our clients can choose from a wide range of cloth hanger crafted from various materials. This cloth hanger can be availed in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs with excellent finish.

Remote Ceiling Hanger

We offer Magic remote cloth lines. These are operated by a wireless remote control function.The color of the faceplate is optional and clients can choose from white, red, blue & silver color.These systems are incorporated with modern technology and are very durable. The magik remote facilitates sterilization and fast air-drying

Wall Mount Retractable Hanger

Specially designed for savings space in apartments these are well designed retractable hangers. The hangers are very popular in western country for their convenience of use. These are to be installed by the well qualified technician for durable and trouble free performance. The product holds one year onsite warranty.
Highlights: •Wall Mount expendable clothe drying rock •Adjust me size as per the requirements •Rust free •Space saving Ceiling Cloth Hangers

Ceiling Drying Cloth Hanger

Office & Writing Board

Glass Notice Board

Colour Varieties for Aluminium Work