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We have a very extensive and flexible machining capacity, ranging from the smallest of sections to the largest of Aluminium extrusions. We supply all kinds of Aluminium Materials and also work on Glazing, ACP, Welding, Structural Fabrication, Kitchen Trolley, Partition, Loovers, Vehicle Glasses, Patch Fitting, Windows, Interior Work, and many more. The combination of a friendly, professional service and the ability to meet tight delivery times has helped us to build up a large customer base which has also enabled us to attract new business from outside our native country therefore allowing us to expand our capacity and facilities. Rarely do you find fabrications the same. Most buildings are unique and require a besoke product. Here at Elite we offer that service. With specalised equipment, experianced trained work force, computer aided design techniques we can supply the best possible product with the felxiabilty and quality to manufacture to your needs.

We provide one year repair and maintenance service, on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis for all companies upon request.

Our Quality

We ensure that we adhere to the global quality standards right from the initials stage of testing raw materials to final stage of delivery of our products.We consider good service an integral cornerstone of our business .

Our Clients (through Aluplex)

Our progress in the industry is based on our quality management principles,To exceed the market’s expectations.Thinking and working together across hierarchy levels.

Our company known for an outstanding commitment to developing revolutionary.To values, ethics, good business .To helping customer achieve results in the competitive aluminum fabrication & construction industry. To give superior service and quality products .

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