Our Pioneer

Sabu K. Samuel. The proprietor of Sabu Aluminium Company has an experience of 25 years,dogged determination to control his destiny, started up his business from small to big machinaries company,Travelled around the countries like Saudi Arabia,Singapore,Kuwait for the best works.

With over 25 years in the aluminum fabrication business serving industries from manufacturing and sales of Aluminium materials,Welding Structural Fabrication,Grill work,Glazing work,ACP work ,Loovers,Vehicle glasses,Patch Fitting,Doors and Windows,Wall Partition,Kitchen Trolley & all kind of Interior works.

We provide high quality Aluminium Extruded Products.Embrace change as an opportunity through active management & ensure a lean organization for quick response. From conception to final product, we work with our customers throughout the project to ensure they are kept apprised of its progress, and also to ensure that technical precision is achieved and all specifications are met.

Our Values

Our progress in the industry is based on our quality management principles,To exceed the market’s expectations.Thinking and working together across hierarchy levels.

Our Quality

We ensure that we adhere to the global quality standards right from the initials stage of testing raw materials to final stage of delivery of our products.We consider good service an integral cornerstone of our business.

Our Commitment

Our company known for an outstanding commitment to developing revolutionary.To values, ethics, good business .To helping customer achieve results in the competitive aluminum fabrication & construction industry. To give superior service and quality products.